Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Little About My Writing Process

Giovanni Gelati, blog talk radio star and co-collaborator once asked my husband, fellow author Cody Toye, if he lived in fear of waking up with me standing over him with a butcher knife in my hand. While I can indeed shoot razor sharp darts at him with the look that is perfected over time with every married woman, I’m sure Mrs. Gelati can vouch for this; I have never caused him physical harm. I have ways of making him attest to this point, mwahaha.
How is it then that I can delve into the darker side of human nature without myself having murderous intent? The answer does not necessarily come easily. I have a vast interest in human psychology, and have done extensive research on the matter. I have also delved into several different religions and have studied the link between good and evil.
That alone does not allow me to create the scenes of murder and mayhem that sometimes make an appearance into my stories. I also suffer from severe insomnia. It is sometimes in this insomniac state that I have vivid daydreams. I also have nightmares that sometimes translate into good story ideas. Now the reader may wonder if I suffer from some sort of psychosis. I will answer that with…nothing that can be proved.
While writing however, nothing is as it seems. The characters quickly develop a life of their own. I then become as a silent observer, merely documenting what the characters are doing. When the story unfolds, I am often surprised at how it turns out. I do not revise the story for more than grammar or if it seems I may have missed a vital piece of information. Sometimes I write for several hours and go to bed, just to have one of the characters tell me I’m not done yet.
Thank you for taking time out to visit with me, and learn a bit more about how I write. The last thing I would like to add is that of the three Debtor’s Chip digital shorts that I have out, Aurora is by far the darkest of them. I hope you enjoy her.
I live with my husband, fellow author Cody Toye, and son, Gideon in SW Missouri. I am an avid reader and writer of thriller and suspense. My digital short stories include Debtor's Chip: Devin, Debtor's Chip: Frederick and the newest release Aurora, also The Author’s Lab/Collaboration digital short story, Bring Us Your Living...Now! with Giovanni Gelati.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Giovanni's Post on Bring Us Your Living.. Now! H.R. Toye The Author's Lab/Collaboration

H.R. Toye is the author of the “Debtor’s Chip” series of digital short stories and she wanted to go all out hardcore horror with this little number. It is a smoking hot read and is filled with plenty of serial killer action and hardcore zombie suspense to slake any horror lover’s thirst. WARNING: If you have read any of the previous The Author’s Lab/Collaboration stories I think you have noticed an element of humor running throughout the story. That is not the case here. All you get is blood, dismemberment, rotting flesh and wait..more blood. There you go.
I am hopeful that for my end of it you have a hard time recognizing where I fit into all this. The Beta readers we have sent this to thus far have yet to find my place in this, I will keep it that way for now, why not, and it’s fun. I can say that H.R. Toye did start it, and I did do the small section near the end, but that is easy to figure out. The rest is just grisly and disgusting, but hey, some people like that right?
The story itself has a pretty cool plotline, all H.R.’s idea I might add. A serial killer is killing women for no rhyme or reason, just because he enjoys it. Then the fun begins as all those that he has killed come back to try to kill him as they are now zombies. Get the picture, probably not, you see, it is even more twisted than that. Give it a try; there are many facets to this digital short story. If you find that you have a good time with it, why not enjoy more of H.R. Toye and download here “Debtor’s Chip” digital shorts; she has a new one releasing this week also, “Debtor’s Chip/Aurora”.
Things have changed around here. I am now the published author by Trestle Press of “I Have Chrome Balls, Don’t You?” an “In Between The Collaborations”, “Down Low- Dead” with Vincent Zandri, “The Jersey Shore Has Eyes” with Big Daddy Abel”, “G.S.I Gelati’s Scoop Investigations Psychotic Detectives” with Thomas White, “Who Whacked The Blogger” with Benjamin Sobieck,“Thad and The G-Man’s Most Awesome Adventure” with Thad Brown , “Hotel Beaumont” with B.R. Stateham, “Bring Us Your Living…Now!” with HR Toye and the soon to be released “Edge of Cataclysmic” with Big Daddy Abel. All the stories are available @ Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and Smashwords. I am also the host of the wildly popular The G-ZONE blogtalk radio show. Thanks for stopping by today; We will see you tomorrow. Have a great day. http://www.gelatisscoop.blogspot.com

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bring Us Your Living...Now

By "ReviewsByMolly" (Willow Spring,NC USA)
This review is from: Bring Us Your Living...Now! (The Author's Lab/Collaboration) (Kindle Edition)
Wow! Not your typical laugh through the whole story Author's Lab addition, that's for sure! But, that being said, this one was another 5 star winner! I LOVED it from beginning to end. And the best part? I had NO idea where Giovanni Gelati's writing fit into the story. I read this short from first page to last, TRYING to figure out where his work fit in. Of course, I knew at the end when the beloved Kindle made it's appearance that that part was DEFINITELY his. Now that I've read through book and with the help of a certain person who shall remain anonymous, I have figured out which parts are his and which are H.R. Toye's. If you have you have read all these collaborations then you know what Giovanni's work is like. I encourage you to read this one and see if YOU can tell what's his work and what's H.R. Toye's.

It's definitely another rockin' addition to the collection, but, like the description says, this is NOT your typical laugh out loud til you can't see straight short. It's a little more gruesome and gory. There is a lot of flesh eating, bone picking and panic and of course, the introduction to the fourth identical quad, Mr. Peter Bater.....which that in itself made me die with laughter! But, the ending....well, the ending of this one isn't what I thought it would be. I only pray that this new twist in the collaborations is similar to G-Man's situation! For if it's not, my heart goes out to the Mrs!

Well? What are you waiting for? Why haven't you grabbed up your copy yet? It's only NINETY NINE CENTS and it's worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Debtor's Chip Frederick Excerpt

After several hours of playing the five dollar slot machines, he was down five thousand dollars.  He wasn’t dismayed; he thought his beginner’s luck just hasn’t kicked in yet.  He decided to eat dinner and go to bed, start fresh in the morning.
He awoke at just past eight o’clock.  He took the elevator down and headed for the casino.  He walked intently towards the slot machines.  He learned to tune out the excited squeals when someone hit a jackpot and the annoyed curses when someone lost.  He got used to the sticky puddles of liquor that was spilled here and there, and the ever present clouds of cigarette smoke that filled the air.
He inserted the card that carried his credit for the casino and pulled the lever, diamonds filled his screen and a siren loosed from the speaker proclaiming him a jackpot winner.  He excitedly watched the balance transfer to the card and continued to play.
Who knows how long later, he had lost the other five grand.  He had thought he was gonna make it big; turn the ten thousand into twenty.  He should have known better, he silently admonished himself.  He was done with gambling, he still had fifty-five thousand usable dollars in the bank account.  He would go to the bank tomorrow and withdraw the money to pay off his debt.
Tonight, though, he would take in a show.  He wasn’t sure if he wanted to see a musical act or a magic act.  Both thoughts filled him with the sort of giddiness he had experienced as a child when he had found and unusual rock to add to his collection.  He had long since left such childishness behind, but was amazed he could still feel like this.
As he was pondering his decision he walked between two parked cars and began to cross the intersection.  He was distracted by his own thoughts.  He was still thinking about his excitement filled adventure, when everything went dark.

Interested? Now available at Amazon

Monday, April 18, 2011

Author BR Stateham guest posts for me

People We Think We Know

I have a book out called Death of a Young Lieutenant. About an art thief who, in the opening days of World War One, is asked by his commanding officer to prove the innocence of junior officer accused of murder. Two problems instantly arise. One, there's a war going on. You may not know this, but in the first two and a half weeks of World War One it looked as if the armies of the Kaiser was going to consume all of France in one mighty gulp of military appetite. How the war eventually evolved into stalemate through trench warfare wasn't very apparent in the opening days of the conflict.

The second problem is Jake Reynolds, the officer asked to become a sleuth, is an art thief. Perhaps the wrong person to ask to prove someone's innocence since he is, by definition, a felon himself.

And this is the blog's main theme today; the people we think we know. This novel--the entire series I want to write--came into being because of someone I thought I knew. Knew all my life. Saw him on a daily basis. Liked the guy, enjoyed being in his company. And never thought for one minute the man was anything else other than what he appeared to be.

But the old boy was hiding secrets from those that knew him. Big secrets.

He'd been in World War II. Had combat citation ribbons that would run down his chest if he put his old uniform on. Medals, for heroism, from two different countries. And lots of medals at that. Did absolutely fantastic things in the war--things writers like Robert Ludlum or Ian Fleming would have made fortunes writing about. In short; the man was an honest-to-god, GEN-U-INE . . . HERO.

And nobody knew. Nobody knew.

So I have to wonder; how many more of those like my old friend are out there? When . . or if . . . are we going to hear their stories? And they don't have to be heroes. They could be monsters. Geunine, horrible, nightmarish monsters who--for some reason or another--have straightened up and are honest abiding citizens. For now.

The Jake Reynolds series is dedicated to these people. The heores and monsters of the world who keep their secrets well hidden. All the way to their deaths.